Doctors use alcohol to save man

In an unusual case of an irregular heartbeat, doctors successfully used alcohol as a means to treat the condition and restore the natural rhythm of the heart.  But before this is interpreted that boozing that fix a heart problem, consider that this procedure was conducted under very specific circumstances.

The man in question suffered from a condition called ventricular tachychardia, which could be fatal if unchecked.  Doctors at the Bristol Heart Institute ultimately opted to insert a catheter into the man's heart and identifying which portions of the heart were faulty, causing the irregular rhythm.  The doctors then injected ethanol – not the alcohol you have in cocktails – into those parts of the heart, killing off damaged tissue; the heart's functionality was restored.

The doctors did caution, though, that this was a very risky procedure that has only been performed a handful of times, so it is not wise to start injecting yourself with hard liquor if you have heart problems.

Sourced from: BBC News, Doctors 'Save Man's Life By Using Alcohol'