What Causes Relief from a Cottonwood Allergy?


Asked by CarrolG

Does Anybody Know Of Anything That Provides Any Relief From Cottonwood Allergies?

I haven't been diagnosed, but I have a really good idea that I'm allergic to cottonwood trees. (in the spring, early summer, when they pollinate). Never had symptoms until about three years ago while living on the river next to three huge cottonwoods in the back yard. We have since moved, but still live in a heavily treed area and have noticed that once I see the little bits of cotton floating, my eyes begin to itch so badly, I could claw my eyeballs out! I also have a little itchiness in my throat that radiates up to the back of my ear canal. I am hoping perhaps there is good remedy that doesn't involve taking anything prescription or if it's OTC, that won't make me drowsy... Any advice?


Hi Carrol,

When you have a new health problem, it's always best to consult with your doctor for a valid diagnosis. However, having said that, there are effective OTC antihistamines that do not cause drowsiness, including Claritin and Zyrtec.

Another option is to try a nasal rinse, such as the NetiPot. The idea is using saline (salt water) to rinse out your nasal passages of allergens and mucus, thereby relieving symptoms. Many people get great results from this.

And, finally, avoid what you believe to be your triggers (cottonwood pollen) as much as you can. Stay indoors in the early morning hours, especially on dry, windy, warm days, when pollen counts tend to be highest. Use air conditioning at home and in the car as much as you can. Don't hang clothes outside to dry and if you must be outside when pollen counts are high, then shower when you come in to get rid of pollen.

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