Does Anyone Else Get Joint Pain From Zomig?


Asked by Barbara

Does Anyone Else Get Joint Pain From Zomig?

When I take Zomig I get bad aches and pains in my joints. The worst pain lasts for several hours, and while not as bad, lingers into the next day. I have bursitis in my shoulder and that is where it hurts the worst. It hurts so bad it has come to making a decision whether I'd rather deal with the migraine or get rid of it at the expense of my shoulder.

The main concern is if the Zomig is causing some kind of degenerative condition within my joints.


Hi Barbara!

Joint pain is a potential side effect of some triptans. Have you tried any others besides Zomig? There are 7 others that you could check out.

Just because you are getting this side effect from the Zomig, doesn't mean the other triptans would give you the same side effect.

Also, it is always best to try to abort the Migraine process. The faster we can stop it, the better off we are!

Here is some info on the other triptans available.

Treximet (sumatriptan with naproxin) which is Imitrex and Aleve







Good Luck finding something that works for you.