How long Does it Take for Propranolol to Start Working for Migraine?


Asked by AmyC

Does Anyone Have Experience Taking Propranolol For Chronic Migraine?

Has anyone experienced relief from chronic migraines after taking the drug, propanolol? If so, how long did it take to start working?


Hello, Amy,

Yes, propranolol helped reduce both the frequency and severity of my migraines for several years. It took several months of gradually increasing the dosage to get it right for me, and I got better results with the long-acting formulation. I saw some results approximately two months after I began taking it, and generally takes up to three months at the correct dosage to see how well it or if it works.

An important point to remember when exploring migraine preventives is to not give up if you try some, and they don't work. We have lots of options. For more about migraine preventive treatments and a list of possibilities, see Migraine and Headache Prevention - So Many Options.

Here's hoping that propranolol works well for you,


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