Does Anyone Get A Sore Throat With Migraines?


Asked by Mary

Does Anyone Get A Sore Throat With Migraines?

Mh throat is often sore during a migraine. When the migraine ends so does the sore throat. Does this happen to anyone else?



This sometimes happens to me as a result of having a runny nose during a migraine. Rhinorrhea, runny nose, or nasal congestion can be symptoms of a migraine. Rhinorrea can result in some drainage down the throat, and that can make it feel sore. Take a look at Anatomy of a Migraine for a list of possible migraine symtpoms. You'll find both rhinorrhea and congestion listed.

Have you mentioned this to our doctor yet? If not, please do at your next appointment. It's most likely nothing to worry about, but we should always discuss new symptoms with our doctors.

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