Does Beclomethasone Nose Spray Prevent Post Nasal Drip?


Asked by Silvia Pfeiffer

Does Beclomethasone Nose Spray Prevent Post Nasal Drip?

I suffer from postnasal drip, frequently having to clear my throat and a lot of coughing in the morning. Mucous is clear and thin. Nose never feels congested. Would Beclomethasone nose spray be the right thing for me to use? I am under pressure to do something because my family is fed up with my coughing. I am a non-smoker but used to smoke until 3 years ago. My lungs have been x-rayed. They are clear. Any advise?


Beclomethasone is an anti-inflammatory drug. Is your post-nasal drip caused by inflammation?

If your symptoms are persisting (or if they are getting worse), then you should definitely see your doctor. Your doctor will help determine what may be causing your postnasal drip and cough. Once you know what it is, then your doctor will be better able to prescribe specific treatment.

Good luck!

Joy B.

Answered by JB