Does Bipolar Have A Scientific Name?


Asked by kailie07

Does Bipolar Have A Scientific Name?


Hi Kailie07,

No, that's it. To my knowledge there is no Latin or other complex terminology. Bipolar disorder replaced the term manic depressive disorder. Revisions are always being made to diagnostic practices and these changes are reflected in a manual known as the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM). It was DSM III that introduced the term bipolar disorder and discriminated between adult and child bipolarity. By the time we get to DSM-IV-TR, bipolar had been further subclassified into type I and type II. It is almost inevitable that when the next revision comes out we will see even more changes.

That's a drawn out answer to your question but I hope you find the explanation useful.

Answered by Jerry Kennard, Ph.D., CPsychol., AFBPsS