Does Burping Bring Up Acid Into The Esophagus Causing Additional Damage?


Asked by Nicole

Does Burping Bring Up Acid Into The Esophagus Causing Additional Damage?

I was recently diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus. Initially my only system was occasional hoarseness. Then being nauseous whenever I ate, and finally the burping. I found if I ate a small amount, very slowly, then waited for a big burp, I could eat more without feeling nauseous. The question is: does burping bring up acid into the esophagus causing further damage?

After several weeks of trying Apple Cider Vinegar, with honey, before and during meals, I'm feeling much better. I still wait for the burps, but they're smaller, more lady like and less often. What causes them?? Could they one day just stop?? I seldom burped in the past.

I'm on Celebrex for RA, Actonal for sever Osteoporosis, and Levoxal for hypo-thyroid. Strange as it may sound, I do follow a very healthy lifestyle. I would prefer not adding another med, just sticking with a natural remedy. Thank you.



Hi Nicole,

here are some links to information you might find helpful. While online sites are great resources for getting information to help you manage your health, they can not serve as a replacement for seeing your doctor.

You've been diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus, a potentially serious condition where pre-cancerous cells are present as a result of the acid wearing on the esophagus. You can read more about Barrett's here. Also there is an informative article here. As far as the gas, that can be caused by a combination of things. Anything from your diet, to the affect your medicines have on you. You can read more about gas and belching here.

Hope this helps. Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Vicki M

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