Does Age (55) Cause The Cervix To Close Completely?


Asked by Gatorgal

Does Age (55) Cause The Cervix To Close Completely?

I recently had a PAP test performed and the doctor said my cervix was completely closed (probably due to my age) If this is the case how can I ever have an accurate PAP test performed?


Hi Gatorgal,

Yes, the cervical canal can close completely, especially as we age, making it all but impossible to get the Pap smear brush up into the canal. However, since the cells that line the canal typically grow outward onto the outer surface of the cervix as we age, it is possible to get a satisfactory test if the provider is sure to get a good specimen of cells around the center of the cervix where the entry to the canal still dents in somewhat.

And remember: We're never too old to have good reason to get a regular Pap smear.


Answered by Sandy Greenquist