Does Cocoa Butter Clog Pores?


Asked by RosieM

Does Cocoa Butter Clog Pores?

i bought cocoa butter deep conditioning mosturizer for my face but now im a little skeptical because i also bought this pore minimizing cleanser. Know im afraid that the cocoa butter would undo this job with its natural oils.


Hello Rosie

I am going to give you a bunch of information about moisturizers.

Here is an article we have about lightweight summer moisturizers.

Also here is a Consumer Search article about the best moisturizers to use for acne prone skin.

I have trouble with my skin breaking out and my dermatologist recommends that I use Neutrogena Healthy Defense moisuturizer but...there are a ton of moisturizers out there which will be good for our type of skin.

About the cocoa butter moisturizer...The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology warns: "Greasy applications such as Vaseline, cocoa butter, cold cream, and vitamin E oil should be avoided. If the face is dry, your dermatologist can recommend a moisturizer for your type skin."

Hope this helps! Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me