Does Cold Fingers And Toes Go With Ms?


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Does Cold Fingers And Toes Go With Ms?


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This is a really interesting question. I have noticed that my extremities get very cold a matter of fact, I have booties on and I am still under the covers and my hands are also cold. I thought it was just me!

I am not a doctor so I can't provide any medical advice or explanation but I did research your question and found some very interesting information.

It seems there is something called Raynaud's Disease which can explain why some people have cold hands and feet. The Mayo Clinic tells us that Raynaud's Disease is a disorder of the blood vessels. Here is what they say:

"Exposure to cold normally results in slowing of blood flow to fingers and toes. Small arteries in extremities narrow, reducing blood flow and preserving the core body temperature. For people with Raynaud's disease, the response is exaggerated for unknown reasons. The small arteries constrict dramatically, most often in the fingers and toes, but the nose, ears and cheeks also can be affected. The constriction, called vasospasm, can last for a little as a minute or as long as several hours."

My sister has this. She can't hold a cup filled with ice, for example. Her hand will just stay cold if she does. She quite often is wearing gloves even inside the house.

So that is one possibility.

But is this symptom linked to MS? It seems it is.

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center states that a lot of people who have MS also have low blood sugar and that one of the symptoms of having low blood sugar is to have cold fingers and toes. They also give ways to help decrease this symptom if it is caused by low blood sugar by changing your diet.

And on a National MS Society forum, patients with MS discuss this symptom of having popsicle toes and fingers. So you are not alone! There are some suggestions on this particular forum for how to deal with this.

When you go see your doctor, definitely tell him or her about this symptom and see what recommendations are given.

I hope this helps some and thank you for your question!

Answered by Merely Me