Does Daith Piercing Work for Migraine?

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There's been so much posted online recently about daith piercing for migraine. Is it all hype, or could it really work. Thanks for your time, Jeri.

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Dear Jeri:

You are correct, daith piercing has really become a popular topic recently. It isn't actually new, but for reasons unclear to us it has flooded social media over the past few months. At present, there is not any actual evidence that it works. No studies have been done, and we aren't aware of any studies being planned.  It is popularizing based purely on anecdotes, aggressive advertising on social media, and desperation. This isn't to say it doesn't work - we have no evidence to the contrary either. Every new treatment had to start somewhere. But this one doesn't even have a basis in science. Reportedly there is an acupuncture point in this general area. That's great, except there is no evidence that acupuncture helps with migraine either.

One might argue that it's just a piercing, so why not try it? Well, it isn't really "just a piercing" as it is into the cartilage of the ear. Risk of infection may be higher.

Basically, if someone wants to get a daith piercing because they like the look of it, have at it. None of our business. But if you are looking for effective treatments for migraine, unless you have been through the 100+ preventive treatments listed in this article (which would take more than 25 years) - Migraine and Headache Prevention – So Many Options, giving each of them a fair trial, you might want to think again.

Thanks for your question,
David Watson, MD, and Teri Robert

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