Does Diabetes Cause Vaginal Itching?



Asked by PattysPrch1

Does Diabetes Cause Vaginal Itching?

My neighbor told me diabetes caused vaginal itching, and now that I have diabetes I know she's right! So, why do you get vaginal itching with diabetes, and what do you do to stop it? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



Vaginal itching could mean you are getting a yeast infection. Diabetics get yeast infection due to high blood sugars--it's really common. Your body doesn't fight the infection as fast as a non-diabetic so you may have to go to the doctor for medication to fix it. I went to the Doctor because of a yeast infection, back in 2004. My NP checked my blood sugar and it was 350. I was diagonosed with diabetes and I have never had a yeast infection since. Once you get your blood sugar under control you shouldn't see them anymore.


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