Does Dogmatil 50 Mg Per Day For A Month May Lead To Impotence?


Asked by jack dsouza

Does Dogmatil 50 Mg Per Day For A Month May Lead To Impotence?

I am suffering from anxiety and depression with all negative thoughts coming to my mind, i have been to doctor and he prescribed dogmatil 50 mg with rivotril .5 mg. and seroxat 20 mg. a day for a i am worried whether i will be addicted to such tablets? do domatil may lead impotence?


Hello, Jack,

Are you in Hong Kong? It took some research to find information on these medications. For the benefit of others, let me list more familiar names for these medications...

Dogmatil is sullpiride, an antipsychotic medication.

Rivotril is clonazepam, aka Klonopin

Seroxat is paroxetine, aka Paxil

There's a difference between addiction and dependence. Rivotril, a benzodiazapine medication, is one that you can definitely build a dependence on.

Dogmatil and Seroxat don't fall into this category, but may be difficult if you ever want to discontinue them. The way to do that would be to taper off of them under the supervision of your doctor.

Yes, impotence is listed as a possible side effect of Dogmatil. Potential side effects of Rivotril include decreased libido and ejaculatory dysfunction.

If you're having problems with side effects, talk with your doctor. He may be able to change your medications.

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Answered by Teri Robert