Does Eating Pork Affect Fibromyalgia Pain Levels?


Asked by pat460

Does Eating Pork Affect Fibromyalgia Pain Levels?

I have noticed that on the day after I eat any kind of pork, I always have a lot more all over body pain. I usually end up in bed most of the day. I also have some arthritis so I'm not sure which condition the pork is affecting, if either. Is there something in the meat that could cause this or is it just coincidence? Anyone else noticed this in their own life?


It's not the pork - there's nothing 'wrong' with pork per se - but it's possible that your body is reacting abnormally to something in the pork. Food allergies can cause many symptoms but you may not be experiencing a classic food 'allergy'. Allergies denote an immune reaction often associated with inflammation, itching, rashes and even inability to breathe.

If you're experiencing pain after eating pork you could instead have a 'sensitivity' to pork. This is a different kind of reaction that the traditional medical community has for the most part ignored but which many people believe they have. For them certain foods can cause fatigue, pain, difficulty concentrating, abdominal upset etc.

You might try not eating pork for a week and then have some and chart your reaction. Do this several times and if you find that your pain consistently go up then eliminate pork from your diet. If pork ends up bothering you should consider an elimination diet to see if other foods are contribuing to your pain as well.

My understanding is that food allergies don't often contribute substantially to the pain in FM but that for a few patients they really do. For them elimination diets can be very helpful (

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