Does Gatorade Cause Stomach Problems?


Asked by Lee Turner

Does Gatorade Cause Stomach Problems?

My nephew is visiting and he has ulceritis/crone's and drinks Gatorade nonstop all day. I think it's too much potassium and sodium.


There are no studies that show that it can cause stomach problems. I personally have issues with large consumption of it and limit my children to it as a treat only. In fact, they've found it in their Christmas stockings - it's that much of a treat. We do the same for sodas. It seems that much of society has determined that it's good for you because instead of calling sugar sugar they call it sucrose syrup and glucose syrup.

The other thing to consider is that the G2 series has artificial sweeteners that are known to cause gas and other lower GI issues. So if he's drinking a lot of the low calorie version it could make his lower GI issues worse.

It's important though for me to stress that this is only my personal opinion. There have been many studies completed by Gatorade showing how it is good for rehydrating. I just prefer my kids to rehydrate with water.


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