Does Having Exercised Before The Blood Test (For Tsh)affects The Results?


Asked by aysha

Does Having Exercised Before The Blood Test (For Tsh)affects The Results?

i had my TSH level checked it was 3.2, the doctor said it was fine but i strugle with my weight and i also have psoriasis( just thought i should add that too).

i exercise abt 30 minutes before my blood test (for TSH), i just wanted to know if exercise has any affect on the TSH levels


Hi aysha,

I did a search on exercise and TSH levels to try to find an answer to your question. There have been small studies looking at how thyroid levels changed during and after exercise (any change seen was affected by the type of exercise). But it appears that levels returned to pre-exercise state around 15 minutes afterwards.

I'm not a medical professional and didn't read too much about it, but perhaps 30 minutes after exercise the TSH levels are back to normal. Now the number you give 3.2 as a measure is affected by the labs who tested your blood and what their standard for a normal range is. TSH of 3.2 might certainly be within "normal" or it might be borderline high. This is where it is important to have a good relationship with your doctor so that you can discuss these types of things.

I'm on Synthroid and we try to keep my TSH below 3.0 but it nevers goes below 2.0. Of course, my situation would be completely unique and different from yours.

I hope this helps even a little.

Answered by Lisa Emrich