How Does The Hemoglobin Counts Induce High Blood Pressure


Asked by Melchor S. Bautista

How Does The Hemoglobin Counts Induce High Blood Pressure

A friend of mine had suffered a high blood having a 180/110 reading. Based on the test conducted to her she has a high hemoglobin counts which means she has a sticky blood that may affect the flow of the blood in the arteries that eventually affects the heart pumping capacity and that induce higher blood pressure. May I know how can w lower the hemoglobin count in the blood to the normal level and not affecting the white blood cells, what are the foods to be taken.


Hi Melchor,

Elevated hemoglobin levels can occur in individuals living at high altitudes, in smokers, dehydration can produce an elevated hemoglobin level, and various other medication and medication related causes. I'm not aware of foods/diet changes that will impact hemoglobin levels. I recommend your friend work with her physician to determine an appropriate treatment approach.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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