Does Illness Affect Blood Pressure?


Asked by cgt

Does Illness Affect Blood Pressure?

Will a cold or bronchitis affect blood pressure? I have a bad cold and my blood pressure was 167/108. Does being ill affect the readings?


cgt, Thanks for your question. I assume from your question that your blood pressure is usually normal. If it has not been taken for quite some time, this will need follow-up after your cold/bronchitis has resolved.

The answer to your question is YES. Any illness or stress can affect your blood pressure. Also, many of the over-the-counter preparations used to treat the symptoms of cold and cough can raise blood pressure, so take care in choosing any of these remedies. Read the labels and look for something that specifically says that it is safe to take with high blood pressure. If there is any question, ask the pharmacist. It may take a week or two after your illness has resolved for your pressure to return to normal.

Be sure to follow up on this, because there is always the possibility that you have become hypertensive, and the cold/bronchitis is just a coincidence.

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