Does Lying On Stomach Cause Breast Cancer?


Asked by tracy10

Does Lying On Stomach Cause Breast Cancer?

Is it true that breast cancer may be caused by poor circulation because people who exercise less tend to have more breast cancer? If that's the case, are people who lie on their stomach's more prone to breast cancer because the circulation to their breasts could be lowered by sleeping that way? Would you know if any such studies have ever been done to see if the position women sleep in has an effect on breast cancer?


Wow, you're making some pretty wild connnections here,Tracy. The main reason people who exercise more have less breast cancer is that they're generally thinner and have less circulating estrogen in their system. I've never heard of a study that addressed whether the position a woman sleeps in has any bearing on her risk of breast cancer. - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel