Does Lyrica Start Working The First Time You Take It?


Asked by clinemesquishy

Does Lyrica Start Working The First Time You Take It?

Does Lyrica start working the first time you take it, or does it take a while for the drug to build itself up in your system before you feel its effects starting to work? What are normal starting doses and then what are regular doses?


Lyrica generally takes at least a week to start working and can take considerably longer, though some people see a difference earlier than others. According to the Lyrica website, dosages typically start out at 150 mg/day (in 2-3 divided doses) and patients can work up to 300 mg/day over a week or two. The highest dosage is 600 mg/day but that typically doesn't seem to offer many added benefits.

Pain medications like Lyrica are particularly helpful because a reduction in pain can help you get moving, and that can also help your pain. Yoga, walking, and other gentle exercise may also help you be more mobile in time. I hope the medication starts working for you quickly.

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