Does Methylprednisolone Really Help With Migraine Pain?


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Does Methylprednisolone Really Help With Migraine Pain?

does methylprednisolone really help with migraine pain? I have had an ongoing migraine for almost 4 weeks now. Been to nuero (again) and was given depakote and frova....took the frova and now my muscles and back are killing me. The nuero. seems to think that methylprednisolone will 'break the cycle'. Does anyone know about steroid use for migraine pain?



Steroids are frequently used to break a long-lasting Migraine. They can be given IV for this, just as they can be for Migraines not responding to treatment. See IV Treatment of Refractory Migraines for more on this form of treatment.

Oral steroids can also be used. Most commonly, they're prescribed in a "dosepack" where you take several tablets on the first day, then fewer tablets each day until you've taken them all.

Hope it works!

Answered by Teri Robert