Does mold Cause Aching Joints or foot pain?


Asked by alicia ulmer

Does Mold Cause Aches And Pain In Your Body Such As Joint Pain Or Foot Pain?

Does mold cause aches and pains in your boyd, such as joint or foot pain?

I have this cough that happens. It seems as though it is coming from a dry throat, but it happens even if I'm drinking water. I also don't have a cold, but my eyes are red, sort of dull looking, and itchy. Is this from the mold?



I am not a doctor and can't diagnose you over the internet, but I think your symptoms are severe enough to see a physician. One of the symptoms of prolonged mold exposure can be joint pain, and your other symptoms are possible, too.

Have you found any relief? Did you see a physician? If so, please consider returning to the community to tell us what you learned. I'm sure it would help someone else.

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