Does Ms Make My Feet/legs/arms More Prone To "Falling Asleep"?


Asked by Julie

Does Ms Make My Feet/legs/arms More Prone To "Falling Asleep"?

I've noticed that my feet, legs and arms go to sleep more frequently lately. The "dead" sensation also lasts longer, is more profound of a feeling (meaning my foot or arm doesn't just fall asleep, it will feel like it's completely dead! Really yucky feeling) and takes longer to wake up after I move around. Is this from my MS? Thanks in advance for your answers.


Hey Julie

Yeah this is an MS thing.

I noticed this symptom right away after my diagnosis. My limbs would seem to fall asleep a lot and then I couldn't get the feeling back for quite awhile.

The clinical term is called Paresthesias and this is a really common symptom of MS to feel this pins and needles sensation or numbness.

You are not alone in this...check out this lengthy forum on the topic.

And my friend and fellow MS blogger, Vicki Bridges, writes about this symptom here.

Thank you for your question!

Answered by Merely Me