Does Omeprazole Protect Me From The Side Effects Of Motrin?


Asked by Mimi747

Does Omeprazole Protect Me From The Side Effects Of Motrin?

I take 6 Motrin daily for pain control and I take omeprazole for GERD. My arthritis specialist said that as long as I am taking omeprazole I don't have to worry about the side effects of Motrin, but I thought omeprazole would protect only my stomach and not my duodenum. Will the omeprazole protect the duodenum also?


Your arthritis specialist is partial right, the omeprazole, as a "proton (acid) pump inhibitor" does protect the stomach and upper intestines (duodenum) from the increased acid production caused by Motrin. However, what about the other adverse effects from long-term Motrin use?

Long-term NSAID (Motrin) use can lead to renal failure and high blood pressure. In turn, the high blood pressure makes the heart work harder which can lead to pre-mature heart failure. If I were you, I would seriously re-consider long-term NSAID use.

Have you heard of the "Anti-Inflammatory Diet"? Nutrition has a HUGE effect on the inflammation process in your body. Dr. Andrew Weil, MD wrote extensively about this diet in his book "Healthy Aging".

I mostly advise my patients to use an NSAID only on really bad days or for acute flare-ups. Temporary, short term use of NSAID is highly recommended.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Answered by Christina Lasich, MD