How Does Osteoporosis Spread?


Asked by Didi91600

How Does Osteoporosis Spread?

Does it even spread?


Didi, sorry I got your screen name wrong! See the answer below to your question.

Since bone loss occurs throughout your body, it really has already spread, to "some" extent. Have you ever had a 360 degree mandibular x-ray (lower jaw bone but includes the upper jaw too)? I just had one at the dentists office, but I already know I have jaw bone loss, and have had it for many years.

They do DXA scans of the spine/hip and sometimes the wrist if the other two locations can't be scanned. The foot/heal, is not a good area to scan to arrive at a bone density score. Those heal scans are not as reliable and won't be used for a diagnosis (dx) of osteoporosis or osteopenia (low bone mass/not a disease). They use them as a screening tool to see "if" a DXA scan is recommended. If your heel bone has low bone mass, that would tell you to get a DXA scan which will give you your spine and hip score. The lowest number of the two is your dx.

Hope this helps!

Answered by Pam Flores