Does Pseudoephedrine Hcl Have Sulfa In It


Asked by cherokee53

Does Pseudoephedrine Hcl Have Sulfa In It

I am alergic to sulfa. My Pc at the vet clinic gave me 2 sripts the other day because the are so swamped alot of times they dont check for things like allergies . Last year she wrote me a script that had sulfa in it I never would have known fortunately the pharmasist that filled that script was from the female clinic and had just seen me in a private consult the week before and remembered me. I had a stroke? brain bleed 3 years ago so I have to be careful of the kind of meds I take no decongestion meds and because of my allergy nothing with sulfa in if someone could please tell me if Pseudoephedrine has sulfa in it or not I would really apprecite it


Hi cherokee53,

Thank you for your question. Pseudoephedrine does not have sulfa in it, but it is a decongestant. I didn't really understand what you were saying about not taking decongestants, but I want to be sure that you know pseudoephedrine is a decongestant. Also, be sure that every pharmacy that you go to knows that you have a sulfa allergy. They should all be able to make a note in their computer that you have such an allergy, and that will remind them to make sure the medications you get filled are okay for your to take. I hope this helps!

Best of luck,