Does Psychosis Cause Brain Damage?


Asked by dfowler1976

Does Psychosis Cause Brain Damage?

I have read that schizophrenia "ravages the brain," and eats away at brain matter sometimes taking away 10% of the matter. To me this obviously implies brain damage. But my psychiatrist, who is from the now famous Freedom Trail Clinic at MGH, told me the jury is still out on this one. Do you happen to know the latest research to this question? I suffer from moderate to severe cognitive impairment and this is most obvious seen in my memory loss in long, short, and working memory and my learning as well. Any information that could shed light on this important question would be most appreciated.




Hi Devon,

I will research this.

What I do know is something else: the longer a person has gone without SZ meds after a psychotic break, there's a loss of functioning and brain tissue could be affected adversely. After a certain point, you can't get this back, or it will certainly be harder to get it back.

You asked a different question so I will do my best to answer you in a second reply shortly.



Answered by Christina Bruni