How Does It Get In Random Places?


Asked by curious

How Does It Get In Random Places?

I have recently gone to the doctor to check what a small group of little blisters may be. It is located about 2 inches above my anus. My doctor is now testing me for herpes. I am confused on how i got it of course, but also how does it (if it is herpes) get in such a random spot like where it is? Is my partner safe if he doesn't have it if we kiss or how can it be passed to him? Lastly, if he does have it or I did pass it to him, will it be on his penis or can it show up somewhere else as well?

Thank you.


If you are two men having sex then i am assuming anal sex took place. Even if it did not or you are a heterosexual couple that did not have anal sex, the lesions can show up in "muccous membrane areas" like the anus, vagina and penis as well as the mouth.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.