How Much Does Smoking Effect Hdl And Trigs.



How Much Does Smoking Effect Hdl And Trigs.

Smoking and HDL

I recently had a fasting blood test 17 days after I quit smoking. I was shocked to see my HDL go from 19 to 26. I have never had an HDL rating over 31 and my lowest ever was 15. So that is quite a jump. Did not smoking cause this jump? Does smoking effect trigs? My trigs have been between 200 and 500 the last several years. I currently take simvastatin 40mg, Niaspan 1500mg, aspirin, and fish oil.

All my test results were as follows:

HDL ... 26

LDL.... 66

VLDL... 46

Trigs.. 255

A1C... 5.4

TC... 143

I have a 32 BMI so I am overweight but my doctor believes my situation is mostly genetic.

Thanks for any replies!!


Hi Rjmrocks,

It's very likely no longer smoking is the reason behind your increased HDL. Congratulations on quitting!

Cigarette smoking does lower HDL and stimulates the production of a hormone to increase LDL and triglycerides. This relationship tends to be "dose dependent" meaning the more you smoke the more you lower HDL. On average smokers have a 20% lower HDL than non-smokers. No longer smoking usually causes a 20% increase in HDL.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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