Does Social Security Cover Nursing Home Care


Asked by Christine

Does Social Security Cover Nursing Home Care

I cannot care for my mother who has alzheimers; will her social security be enough to qualify for a nursing home?


Choosing a nursing facility and financing care are two challenging tasks. It is important to be educated and informed on the nursing home admission process, especially related to costs. Most people's social security income cannot cover the required costs of nursing care on a monthly basis. Nursing home costs vary based on what the facility provides and where it is located. Depending on these conditions, you can expect that care costs can be as much as $350 a day. Most nursing home admissions are supported financially by Medicare (under the conditions of short-term stay, such as after a hospitalization) or Medicaid (under the terms of a long term or permanent stay). Some long term care insurance policies will also cover your mother's care, if she has an existing policy. It is recommended you tour a few facilities before deciding where you will eventually place your mother. At the time of these tours you should ask about costs and types of coverage accepted at the facility. If you decide that you need further assistance in managing her long term care plan you may want to consult a geriatric care manager or elder law attorney for more information.