How Does Strep Throat Affect A Child's Asthma?


Asked by Pinc

How Does Strep Throat Affect A Child's Asthma?

I have a child who has spots in his throat, bad cough, fever at one point but not right now, green stuff coming out his nose, blood from his throat, and seems like he is very tired. He has had a severe asthma attack in the last 5 days and is still having a hard time breathing.


Any respiratory infection can be an asthma trigger . If the infection somehow gets into his lungs, or secretions from the upper airway drip down to the air passages, this can irritate the air passages and cause them to become increasingly inflamed and constricted. The best way to deal with this is to call your child's pediatrician, or to take him into the emergency room to be treated.

Answered by John Bottrell