Does the Lemon Juice and Salt Migraine Remedy Work?

by Dr. David Watson & Teri Robert Health Professional & Patient Advocate


I often see people online touting a lemon juice and salt remedy for migraines. It's comprised of 2 teaspoons of Himalayan crystal salt mixed with 1 cup of lemon juice with the lemon zest and 1 cup of water. What's your take on this? Thanks for your time, Alix.


Dear Alix;

We have no evidence that this works. We've seen this online, and have seen some people claim that it works since salt supposedly reverses dehydration, a known migraine trigger. (see Dehydration – An Avoidable Migraine Trigger) The problem with that line of thinking is that salt doesn't reverse dehydration. The form of salt in the IV fluids used to help reverse dehydration is vastly different from drinking Himalayan crystal salt. Also drinking this much salt so quickly can cause blood pressure levels to spike.

There are also issues with lemon juice. Citrus is a common migraine trigger and can damage to dental enamel if it isn't diluted properly. This isn't the case wiith this so-called migraine remedy.

Finally, there's a possibility that drinking this mixture can cause or increase nausea and vomiting as well as being very hard on the stomach.

All in all, we see a lot potential problems with this suggested remedy and no logical reasons why it would be helpful.

Thank you for your question,
Dave Watson and Teri Robert

Dr. David Watson & Teri Robert
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