Does This Make Me Look Fat? Ways to Dress Thinner

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Ways to Dress Thinner, photo by anitapeppers

Much like Lewis Carroll's white rabbit, we are always in a hurry. I'm here but can't stay long because I need to get there as soon as possible. Even when I go from here to there, I find myself thinking about some other place the whole time. Perhaps the greatest race is the dash to lose weight.[Related: Listen to Your Body's NOT Hungry Cues and** Boost Your Metabolism by Eating these Foods**]

“I want those pounds gone now, this very minute.” Good luck with that! Fortunately, If we cannot get thinner as soon as we would like, we can dress the part instead.[Related ** The “Why” of Why You Hate Dieting**]

Dressing to Look ThinLet's begin with a dose of simple common sense:** Always wear clothes that fit.** Clothes that are too big or too small** are going to make us look fat.** We shouldn't wear clothes that are too tight because it creates the appearance of rolls or emphasizes existing rolls of fat. It's also best to avoid clothes that are too loose, because they make us look as though we are trying to hide something.

Select clothes that draw in at the natural waist or that part of the waist that is thinnest. Choose styles that include belts, patterns, or stitching that will draw attention to the waist.

Choosing clothes that emphasize the chest and hips may also be effective because an emphasis on those areas will make the waist look even smaller. Wear skirts and dresses that flare at the hips or tops that make the chest look bigger.Take care when choosing your accessories. There are accessories that change how a person's eyes move over your body and create an impression that you are taller and thinner than you really are. For instance, long necklaces help to create a long and slim look. Earrings and headbands can divert attention from areas of your body that do not satisfy you.Your choices for colors and patterns can help to create a thinner look as well. Black is always a good color choice whereas it creates the illusion of looking thinner by reducing the amount of shadows seen on your body.** Vertical stripes have the same effect of creating the illusion of being thinner** because they make the two sides of the body seem closer togetherLastly,** do not choose clothes that will make you look bigger.** An example would be a thick sweater that will add inches visually and compromise the smaller form that you want to promote.

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