Does Tingling In Hands And Feet Always Mean Diabetes?


Asked by linda

Does Tingling In Hands And Feet Always Mean Diabetes?

For the past six months I've had feelings of tingling and numbness at the bottom of my feet and in my hands and arms. It has become painful at night when I am resting, as the cold or hot sensations sort of go up and down my arm until they reach the wrist or elbow. Any answer would be helpful.


Hi there. There are several things that could be causing your tingling pain. As someone mentioned, diabetic neuropathy can cause tingling and numbness, and so can gout. If you notice the feeling more when you're laying down it could be caused by a compressed nerve. Many things that cause this uncomfortable feeling are temporary, but if your symptoms continue you should definitely see a doctor so she or he can rule out diabetes, infections, or systemic diseases. Best of luck in your treatment!

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