How Much Does Treximet Cost?


Asked by lolwme

How Much Does Treximet Cost?

you recently showed an ad for Treximet which I took with great results. however, please let your readers know that each Treximet pill costs $31.00 each. they are only to be taken for four consecutive days, no more than that consecutively. take the first pill at theonset of a migraine, then one hour later, take the second and no more that day. if the cost wasn't so prohibitive, I'd get all I could; but since it's a new medication fo rmigraines, most insurance and Medicare will not ocver it.


Did you check more than one pharmacy for prices? The price you paid seems extremely high. I did some checking and found the average price to be $20.66 per tablet, about $10 per tablet less than you paid. Also, between now and the end of July, you can print coupons for a discount on refills of Treximet. Just go HERE for more information.

As for how many days Treximet can be used consecutively, that's no surprise as both the sumatriptan in an naproxen in it can cause medication overuse headahe (MOH). For more information on MOH, see Medication Overuse Headache: When the Remedy Backfires.

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Answered by Teri Robert