Does Urine Soaked Carpet Cause Breathing Difficulties?


Asked by kathy a white

Does Urine Soaked Carpet Cause Breathing Difficulties?

Our old dog has been urinating on the carpet off and on for years. I shampoo it, but can't help thinking it's bad for my health. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, and my husband has COPD. I'd like to tear out the carpet for our health but he says pet urine doesn't affect his breathing. Can it?


I don't have any idea if dog urine can cause mold but people with fibromyalgia can be to sensitive odors. (I would think your husband smoking might be more problematic for your breathing difficulties, if he smokes in the house). The cheapest thing might be to get your dog to an animal trainer who can, if the dog doesn't have some illness, to stop them from urinating in the house. Then you can tear up the carpet - which is often full of mold and dust not to mention some substances which are noxious to some people - and have a cleaner, healthier house without risk to your floors.