Does Vaseline Lighten/soften Skin?


Asked by John

Does Vaseline Lighten/soften Skin?

Dear Expert,

I am using vaseline on my face before going to bed, and it's made my skin extremely soft. Does it also lighten it over a period of time, and is it fine for the skin? People say it clogs the pores, but somehow most of them have had wonderful effects (such as softness, no wrinkles/lines etc.). So is this all the scare tactic to keep people away from vaseline, because it's so cheap and effective?




According to legends (that is a lighthearted attempt at humor) doris day used to coat herself from head to toe with vaseline - hence her youthful appearance well into her senior years. My mom would coat her hands and feet with vaseline nightly (because of Doris Day) and wear kid gloves and socks to bed - and her skin was amazing. so yes, vaseline can be an inexpensive way to help retain moisture.

On the other hand, vaseline really creates a barrier so some people might run into issues with clogged pores if used regularly on their face. if it's working for you - no reason to stop - I would simply suggestusing a very thin layer - a little goes a long way.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.