Does My 9 Year Old Son Have Acid Reflux.


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Does My 9 Year Old Son Have Acid Reflux.

my 9 year old son has all the symptoms of Acid Reflux and has gotten to the point of not eating any foods that are not pureed because he's afraid to swallow his food. (always feels that something is stuck in his throat.) He's had an endocopy, which was normal. His symptoms have been going on for a month. The GI said it's not acid reflux, but anxiety. Could he still have acid reflux. He's been put on anxiety meds, but still has Reflux symptoms and fear of chewing and swallowing.



I am so sorry your son is having swallowing issues. The sensation of having something stuck in the throat and difficulty swallowing is a common symptom in older children and adults. What does the pediatrician think? I wonder if it would be possible to consult a speech language pathologist (SLP) with a background in feeding and swallowing problems. It might be necessary to do a swallow study (upper gi test with a speech lang pathologist looking at the swallow). A SLP may be in private practice in your community or at a hospital or clinic. Let me know if you need assistance locating a therapist.

Meanwhile, let him eat all he wants on the pureed diet. He needs to feel "safe" about eating. Feeling misunderstood WILL increase his anxiety about eating. Tell him you are going to find our why it is so hard to swallow and you want him to feel better.

Let me know what you find out. It helps me to know how the story ends. Plus I am really concerned about the thought of a little 9 year old boy struggling with eating.

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Answered by Jan Gambino