Does Your Doctor's 'Gut Feeling' Influence Your Care?


While the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine may be on the rise, a study from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, suggests that doctors still have an important advantage when diagnosing and treating patients – their intuition.

Computer scientists at MIT analyzed notes written by doctors and medical information on 60,000 patients in the intensive care unit of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston over a 10-year period. They discovered that the health care providers’ “gut feelings” about each patient’s condition played a significant role in determining which medical tests and how many tests they ordered for the patient.

According to the researchers, this effect was strongest upon admission to the hospital, when there was less medical information available, and declined over time. It may be that doctors’ years of training, practice, and experience give them get a better idea about how a patient is doing than medical data alone.

Sourced from: Massachusetts Institute of Technology