Does Zoloft Give You Energy?


Asked by james st.patrick

Does Zoloft Give You Energy?


Hello James

Please remember that we are not medical professionals and cannot give you medical advice. This is a question best asked of your doctor.

I can give you the information we do have about Zoloft.

If you explore various forums on how zoloft affects individuals there are some that say Zoloft does decrease fatigue but at a price of feeling nervous and experiencing insomnia. Other drug sites cite possible side effects of insomnia and fatigue with Zoloft.

Please know that everyone is going to have a different experience taking an antidepressant. You really won't know how this medication will affect you until you take it.

Do consult with your doctor about the possible benefits and/or side effects of this medication.

Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me