I Dont Know Why My Whole Body Is Hurting And I Feel Tired All The Time. Please Help Me.


Asked by NicoleH_1106

I Dont Know Why My Whole Body Is Hurting And I Feel Tired All The Time. Please Help Me.

I have been having morning stiffness in my back, neck, and shoulders. My shoulder hurts really bad, especially at night. It feels like it comes from my right shoulder blade, and it causes my arms and hands to tingle and go numb. It hurts so bad, I just toss and turn all night long. I feel so tired all the time and I have no energy at all. My doctor said he thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome and depression that has caused temporary fibromyalgia in my back and shoulders, but I don't feel comfortable with this diagnosis because he did not do any tests. Does anyone have any advice?


If your doctor is simply leaving it at depression somehow morphing into fibromyalgia and then doing nothing about it then you need to find a different doctor. Does he have you on any treatments (other than anti-depressants?). FM can be a tough disease to treat but it is treatable. The problem is that it often takes a bit of time (and work on the doctor's part) to figure out what works for you.

Please check out the FM treatment section on Health Central. In general effective FM treatment often involves pharmaceutical drugs to help with sleep and control the pain, alternative treatments such as massage to reduce the tension in those trigger points and relaxation techniques to calm that hyper-aroused nervous system down.

There are alot of different ways to approach FM and there are several good books on it. Good luck!

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