I Don't Have No Life And No Friends And No Money.


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I Don't Have No Life And No Friends And No Money.

First off hi. I am a 40 year old female with adult/teen children. I was very attractive once upon a time long ago. I had dead beat kids fathers, never helped me. I thought I would be the one who would make it in the family, and I didn't. I looked for a job, couldn't get one for the life of me. Seeked professional help with therapy and meds, didn't work after years of trying this and that. I went to prison and now the only people i had close to me aren't close to me anymore--my children. i have nobody. nobody likes me. i have no friends. i don't know what to do. i have no career, money, job, house--i live with a relative and they talk shit although i clean and be quiet and let them scream at me. i feel miserable, i believe its situational depression. i was told that by psych b4. i don't know where to turn to, i feel so empty. i just need to lose some weight, and get it together, but its hard.


Hi, there, sorry that you're having such a hard time right now. I wanted to give you this link to a sharepost by Merely Me on how to get mental health care when you have no insurance and no money. Hopefully, you can get some ideas from that. It sounds like you could use some therapy and support. And of course, you can write here any time about anything, there are a lot of caring people here. Please take care and let us know how you're doing.