Dos and Don'ts On Choosing The Best Calcium Supplement

Calcium is one of the many nutrients we need to take to keep our bones strong.   Getting calcium from our diet is preferred, but what if you need to supplement as well?   Calcium comes in carbonate, citrate, lactate, phosphate, bone meal, oyster shell and others.   All these varying sources of calcium can make your choice confusing.   Which one should you take?   Calcium carbonate needs to be taken with a meal because it needs stomach acid to be assimilated into your system.   Calcium citrate can be taken without food, and at any time of the day.

The following lists will answer many questions about how to choose the best calcium supplement for you and your individual needs.

If you have trouble swallowing tablets, calcium also comes in chewable and liquid.

We know that getting as much calcium from our diet is the optimum way to reach the daily recommended amount.   To reach our daily goal we can have foods that are fortified with calcium, like, fruit juices, cereal and other prepared foods.   If you want to keep track of the amount of calcium you get throughout the day you can keep a calcium diary or use a calcium calculator.


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