Are Double Auras Dangerous?


Asked by calista

Are Double Auras Dangerous?

Hi I am experiencing now, for the first time ever, a double aura. It started as a normal aura, and went through the cycle and then it started over again when it was finished. I am a 43 year old female and migraines have been increasing. I called the Er and they said its nothing to worry about but I am still worried. Are there any signs I should look for that would make me need to go to the ER? I also have panic disorder so it does not take much for me to start freaking out.


Hi calista,

It depends what other symptoms come with them I would suppose. The general rule of thumb is any time we experience new, different or troublesome symptoms call your doctor, not the ER. The ER is not equipped to handle cases like this over the phone they don't know you or your medical history.

If you have the worst head pain of your life get to the ER immediately.

Let us know how you are doing?


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk