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I recently came across a very intriguing Migraine blog by Dr. D. In his blog, he tells us that Migraine disease is in fact "curable," if you find the cause. Once the cause is removed, or what he calls "primary triggers," your Migraines will be gone forever.   Now wouldn't that be nice - totally Migraine free?   All we have to do is follow Dr. D's suggestions or "corrections" as he calls them, and our Migraines will be gone.  This is  doubtful at best, and Dr. D. is confusing "causes" and "triggers."

Apparently, Migraineurs are wasting their time, money, and effort seeing doctor after doctor, trying medication after medication and getting no results. Headache clinic after headache clinic  leaves patients still in pain with no hope in sight according to Dr. D. One  good  point in his blog is the need to look more closely when it  comes to Migraines and their triggers. But then he turns around and  claims Migraines don't have a genetic component and are completely caused by "primary triggers."

Dr. D theory seems to be: if you remove the "primary triggers" such as low blood sugar or _tight neck muscles _, you will have "success in curing Migraines."  So every time a person's blood sugar dips, or  neck tightens,  these events  may make  a  person more sensitive to their "common" triggers which may be  weather changes and stress.  Once the "primary triggers were removed people no longer had Migraines," Dr. D states. If you still have Migraines after you have removed your "primary" triggers, then you haven't found the right "correctors."

So here's  the  catch. You have to take his array of food, allergy, optimal nutrition  and digestive tests to find out what your correctors are so you can learn  which  correctors you have and what to do about them. Once these correctors are found he will help you eliminate them from your system.

Now for the facts - _Migraine is a genetic neurological disease _  thought to be caused by overactive neurons in our brains and genetics. Then, genetically speaking, you may be able to think of other members of your family who had "sick" headaches, or that uncle who wasn't to be bothered because he had another one of those "headaches," or a "sinus" headache."  In reality, they may have been Migraines.

Here is what happens when we encounter a trigger that may produce a Migraine attack; neurons fire in a wave across the brain, starting from the brainstem and going forward. This in turn starts a chain reaction that affects blood vessels, nerves and tissues surrounding those blood vessels, levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinpehrine, and more.

, maintaining  a regular sleep schedule and staying hydrated. Eating a healthful diet is good for a number of reasons,  including Migraine  management.

Dr. D. makes one good point - we have to identify our triggers. In fact, we talk about that here all the time. The bottom line is Migraine is a gentice nuerological disease that  IS manageable, but right now, unfortunately, not curable.

We see the word "cure" too often used about Migraines. For a bit of perspective on that, listen to the MigraineCast Podcast, Using the Term Migraine "Cure."


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