Dr. Joseph F. Capella Interview: Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss, Part 11

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Read part 1 of this Dr. Joseph F. Capella Intervie** Making the Final Decision on Bariatric Plastic Surgery Bariatric Life**: To finish our conversation, let's assume the patient has a healthy understanding of all we have discussed. Having interviewed several highly qualified plastic surgeons, how does she make the final decision on who to choose?

Dr. Capella: As long as they're qualified like you said, then I think the human factor is important. Somebody who seems sympathetic to you and who you can sense is very comfortable in taking care of you. Sometimes when doctors don't feel comfortable with something they kind of almost get a little bit angry, because they wish they could help you but they don't feel qualified.

In other words, you want doctors who're sort of enthusiastic to take care of you because they feel comfortable doing it. You want it to seem like they're very happy to take care of you and comfortable in addressing your concerns.

MBL: We've had a really great discussion today. As always I thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge, in particular the hours you've dedicated to this project in the face of your extremely busy schedule. I deeply appreciate your collaboration on getting this important information to help patients be more fully informed about body contouring after weight loss. And through the process it was a sincere pleasure for me to get to know the man behind my surgeon's mask. Thank you.

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My Bariatric Life and Dr. Joseph F. Capella (Capella Plastic Surgery)** The bottom line:** Treatment of obesity is a life-long endeavor. Bariatric surgery is the surgical treatment option, but when that is successful then obesity is replaced by disfiguring excess skin that hinders daily activity and self-esteem. Body contouring with plastic surgery is the only way to correct this problem. Ultimately the plastic surgeon removes the last traces of the original obesity.

It is very important that you fully understand that a body contouring surgery is not a singular transaction, wherein once the surgery is completed the interaction can be considered to be done. Your surgeon will need to be responsive to your needs and concerns during the months of recovery that will follow. Will your personalities allow for healthy and open interaction?

And while affordability is almost always a concern, this is a transaction that should not be price-shopped to the lowest bidder. The surgeon's experience, certification, training and education are crucial. Do you trust this person with your well-being? Your life?

You are choosing to enter into a very important relationship with your surgeon, and should therefore approach it with extreme thoroughness.

To verify if your physician is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, please search the ABPS online system to confirm the physician's name, certification dates, and location.

To verify the status of your physician's state medical license, please visit the Federation of State Medical Boards website. You will find a directory of state medical boards under the "public services" link on the home page.

Reputable online sources for patient reviews of plastic surgeons include the ObesityHelp Plastic Surgery Forum, RealSelf, and Make Me Heal.

To learn how to check for malpractice, disciplinary actions, or complaints, read "How to Find a Doctor's Medical Malpractice Record."

Not only do you want to have achieved a great outcome when all is said and done, you also want to have had an uplifting and positive experience that you can look back upon and smile.

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