Dr. Wants To Switch From Prozac To Lexapro, How Does That Work And Any Users On Lexapro??


Asked by sandy

Dr. Wants To Switch From Prozac To Lexapro, How Does That Work And Any Users On Lexapro??

I will be seeing a new Psychiatrist and he is going to switch me from Prozac to Lexapro, I am wonder how difficult this will be for me, Have been on prozac for 6 weeks and not getting the relief I should be, still have depression, just not as severe but still is not a good feeling to live with daily--I have read of bad press about lexapro, yet others love it--I get neck pain and headache on 60 mg of Prozac, and it just is not doing the job it did for me many years ago; I would really appreciate any input on this--Thank You-Sandy


Hi, Sandy -

Just to add a couple of thoughts to this good exchange between you and Judy, there are a few things about lexapro to keep in mind. It is often prescribed specifically for general anxiety disorder independent of depression so it seems to be quite helpful for that problem. Studies have also found that lexapro does not produce significant weight gain, and other studies point to lexapro as more effective an antidepressant than the other drugs of this type, especially with people experiencing severe depression.

I haven't heard of any particular side-effect problems that are different from those of the other serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI's), so there's nothing special to be worried about with lexapro. On the other hand, those common side effects that all the SSRI's share could affect you no matter which one you're taking. The possibility of nausea and other digestive system problems is common because serotonin plays an important role in regulating intestinal activity. Most people don't seem to get any of the side effects, but whether or not you do depends on how your body processes the drug and how it interacts with other medications you're taking. That's different for everyone - I had to try a great number of different antidepressants before finding the right one, and trial and error seems to be the usual way you have to go about this.

I hope this change goes well for you.


Answered by John Folk-Williams