The Dreaded 5 Year Pills.


Asked by Sheree

The Dreaded 5 Year Pills.

Hi, I had stage 2A BC with 1 lymph node that was positive. I breezed through a double mastectomy (tram flap actually, because I had to get rid of one breast) and 4 chemo's but the 5 year pill has side effects that I can't live with! We have tried two so far but not Tomoxifin because Mum died of a blood clot. I saw on Good Morning America that vitamin D3 is as good as the 5 year pills so I am trying to decide if that will be good enough. It is actually a hormone, not a vitamin and I want to just take 5000-7000 IU's of that but I'm scared. I have been so upbeat all the way through, and I want to get back to that and I think that means not taking the 5 year pill. Help?


Hi Sheree - Research doesn't support that D3 is as good as an aromatase inhibitor or tamoxifen. That said, two things:

•Have you asked your doctor your risk of blood clot form tamoxifen, given your mother's history? Perhaps your risk is still extremely low, lower than your risk of recurrence, and you might want to consider tamoxifen.

•Stage 2A with one lymph node might mean your risk of recurrence, even without hormone therapy, is pretty low. Ask your oncologist what your recurrence risk is if you go off the drugs completely. Then compare that to your recurrence risk WITH the therapy. You may decide going "drugless" is a good option for you.

Best of luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel