Dream Dilemma

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It was an interesting night.   I slept well for a few hours and then I began to have the strangest dreams"but they weren't action dreams"they were like vignettes.   At one point a big word appeared before me:   NOXZEMA.

There were no people.   Nothing but a big word   During other vignettes, I can remember trying to analyze them while looking at them.   I can remember actually "saying" what I would write in my blog"and now, I can't remember any of it except the big word-Noxzema.   I can remember thinking, "Hey!   Maybe I need to get some of that""

Another night recently, I had not been asleep long before some sharp noise caused me to yell out loudly, waking both my husband and myself up.   I said I heard a loud noise"but I must not have, since my husband hadn't heard it.   It must have been a dream, though I don't remember even having enough time to start dreaming" It happened one more time, shortly after, awakening me"and then I slept fine for the rest of the night.

I don't know what these nighttime dreams mean.   I do know that I have always had very active and colorful dreams, many of which I could remember when I awoke.   At times, I could either go back into dreams I wanted to change or I could change dreams while dreaming to fit the way I wanted it to go"   I don't seem to be able to do that anymore.   I don't remember much of what I dream anymore.   I do have wild visions while sleeping, colorful things whipping through my sight"slot machines, etc"sometimes menacing things which threaten me and feel very real"and now a big word and sharp sounds"

Is this part of the dementia?   Or is it too easy to blame every change on dementia?   Could the dreaming be due to medication?   I haven't changed any meds in quite awhile"

For those readers out there who have some form of dementia, I would love to hear from you regarding your dreams.   For the caregivers who read this, if you have any experience with your loved one's dreams, I'd appreciate hearing from you, also.